Meet the Interns: Brittany Spanos

Being an intern at NYU Press is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Not only do our interns play a significant role in every department, but they also have the chance to work in the heart of Manhattan. Most importantly, they get a (very) hands-on introduction to life in academic publishing! As part of our Meet the Interns series, here’s a chance to get to know a few of our members, and what they’re up to at the Press, with a Q&A.

Today: Meet Brittany.

Name and role at the Press: Brittany Spanos, Front Desk Intern/Permissions & Subsidiary Rights Assistant

Education: I’m a rising senior at NYU due to graduate next May! I’m in NYU Gallatin [School of Individualized Study], studying a mix of journalism and pop culture studies that I call ‘Storytelling, or Popular Culture as a Narrative Force.’

Hobbies/interests? I’m obsessed with music. I attend a ton of concerts and festivals and love reading biographies and memoirs about musicians. I also used to collect CDs so I have close to 500 at home!

How did you hear about the internship and why did you decide to intern with NYU Press? I found the internship on Wasserman, NYU’s student career services website. I had been interested for some time in exploring publishing, and I’ve loved quite a few of the books the Press has published that my classes have utilized. It was a perfect fit!

Any previous internships you’d like to note? What’s your dream internship?
I interned at Allure magazine in the fashion closet in the Fall of 2011. September 2012, I started interning at the Village Voice in the listings department and transferred over as a music editorial intern at the publication in January, which is where I’ve continued to intern through the summer! It’s extra cool because I get to write for them every week, so that’s already fulfilling my idea of a dream internship!

Tell us about your experience thus far.
I love how friendly everyone in the office is. They don’t treat the interns like interns but just like fellow employees who offer important contributions to the Press. Plus, everyone has gone out of their way to be welcoming and learn names, which is extremely sweet. While here, I’ve learned how to balance multiple projects efficiently. I’m excited to continue helping with projects I’ve been participating in!

Subject area NYU Press publishes in that most interests you: Cultural and Media Studies! I also love many of the titles related to Gender Studies. Those are usually the subject areas that the classes I take center on and the Press has such a wonderful collection of titles in those areas.

Any books you’re looking forward to getting your hands on? (NYU Press or otherwise): I’ve been meaning to read all of Cruising Utopia by José Esteban Muñoz. We read an excerpt in one of my courses so I’d love to finish it. Mixed Race Hollywood is another title that I’ve been working through and obsessed with. Spectacular Girls is forthcoming from the Press but right up my alley so I’m probably going to eat it up when it comes out.

Outside of titles from NYU Press, I’m determined to read more titles from Milan Kundera outside of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which I read in the spring and immediately determined is my favorite book. On the guilty pleasure side, I’ve been dying to find time to finish Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? (And Other Concerns)!

Is this your first summer in the city? Any advice for survival, or must-do recommendations? This has been my first summer in NYC! I’ve been going to so many concerts and festivals. A recommendation is to find out all the free concerts throughout the summer! There are so many fun, free or cheap events around all five boroughs and they’re definitely worth exploring.

What do you love most about working in NYC? Such a cliche to say, but everything is just chaotically busy! It’s such a motivator for me. I come from a small Midwestern suburb, so I feel like I work much harder in NYC just because the pace is so much faster.

Meet the Interns: Emma Hawkins

Being an intern at NYU Press is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Not only do our interns play a significant role in every department, but they also have the chance to work in the heart of Manhattan. Most importantly, they get a (very) hands-on introduction to life in academic publishing! As part of our Meet the Interns series, here’s a chance to get to know a few of our members, and what they’re up to at the Press, with a Q&A.

Today: Meet Emma.

Name and role at the Press: Emma Hawkins, Accounts Payable Intern/Front Desk Receptionist

I went to NYU and just graduated in May. I double majored in English Literature and Art History.

I love to draw. And I devour art—illustration, design, contemporary art, fashion, film ad music. I also have a weird obsession with archaeology and ancient history.

How did you hear about the internship and why did you decide to intern with NYU Press? I was looking for a job through NYU for the summer. I really wanted to work in publishing because it sounded like a great combination of my interests. Luckily, NYU Press had an opening and I jumped at the chance to work here.

Any previous internships you’d like to note? What’s your dream internship? This was actually my first internship experience. I have worked a lot of customer service and retails jobs, which I have decided are not my dream jobs. It’s a little cheesy, but I have always dreamed of interning at the Metropolitan Museum. I think I would do just about anything for them to be in one of my favorite places everyday day and just getting to admire beautiful, old things.

Tell us about your experience thus far. What has surprised you most about the work environment here? Have you learned anything valuable? Or, what are you most excited about doing/learning during your summer with NYU Press? I think I was surprised how relaxed and friendly the environment is here at the press. Of course, I should have known it would be this way the moment I walked into the office for the first time to interview for my position and saw an a bunch of adorable dogs running around the office. That is my idea of a nice work environment. I have been really lucky in that I have had the opportunity to work in many NYU Press departments. It’s given me the opportunity to really get a handle on the process of getting a book published.

Subject area NYU Press publishes in that most interests you: I am definitely most interested in Cultural Studies, although I find myself increasingly intrigued by the Gender Studies titles that are being published.

Any books you’re looking forward to getting your hands on? (NYU Press or otherwise): Spectacular Girls by Sarah Projansky sounds fascinating. I have been meaning to read Single by Michael Cobb for ages, because he is opening up a whole new dialogue about what it means to be single. As for non-NYU press titles, I am dying to get my hands on anything by Chris Ware, particularly his first book Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth. His latest book, Building Stories, is a visually stunning, groundbreaking book that has inspired me to go further with my own drawings and illustrations. Not to mention the fact that it is one of the most poignant stories I have read in a while.

Is this your first summer in the city? If yes, what are you looking forward to the most (events, activities, whatever)? If no, any advice for survival, or must-do recommendations?  This is my second summer in the city. My advice: get an air conditioner because it means you will actually be able to sleep. Other than that, the summer is a great time to be in the city. I spent most of my first summer here on the Coney Island beach and in my neighborhood parks (Tompkins, Washington Square), and it was pretty wonderful.

What do you love most about working in NYC?  My days here are never dull. I am bound to end up seeing something strange walking around this strange city, which I absolutely love!

Meet the Interns: Kerrigan Dougherty

We’re so excited to have a wonderful group of interns with us this summer (once again)! Sure, our interns gain invaluable experience supporting every team, from editorial to production to marketing—but they’re also kind of incredible to start. Here’s a chance to get to know a few of them, and what they’re up to at the Press, with a Q&A.

First up: Meet Kerrigan. (Note: We encouraged a goofy picture from her. It’s safe to say she delivered, yes?)

Name and role at the Press:
Kerrigan Dougherty, Intern in Sales and Marketing

St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD, Class of 2016

Cake baking and decorating, tasting coffee, making budgets and schedules

How did you hear about the internship and why did you decide to intern with NYU Press?
Through a string of connections: Smelling of pepperoni after a shift at my pizza store, I arrived at a neighbor’s boxing day party. In truth, I was hoping to find some free dinner  and bounce right out of there. I was starting to think about summer plans, though, and knew that adult friends of the family would have good advice or contacts. Someone there sent my name along to a few professional friends. Through one of these folks, I got into contact with Mary Beth Jarrad.

I love the books that NYU Press works with. History is not my thing, but contemporary books on race, class, gender, history of food and fair trade are.

Any previous internships you’d like to note? What’s your dream internship?
I worked for State Senator Leanna Brown as a senior in high school. She and I drafted my first serious resume and discussed the value of networking and forming meaningful, professional relationships. Also, I had the pleasure of organizing materials from her many years in office. There is a great deal to be learned from reading materials like this; each document contained interesting information. This internship with Senator Brown was supremely educational and has set me up with good skills and a good outlook!

My dream is to work in coffee. I love the process from tree to cup. I love how many people are involved getting the precious fruit from its equatorial origin across the world. Once it is roasted, the longest part of the journey has passed. However, a bag of nicely roasted beans does not have a sealed fate. These “beans”, actually seeds of a coffee fruit, have so much potential! Hot or iced. Espresso, French press, pour over. Single origin for a distinct flavor or a blend for a well-rounded feel. Brewed cold or brewed hot. Perhaps the addition of milk, if artfully steamed. I am so excited by it all and my dream internship would bring me from farm to cup.

Tell us about your experience thus far. What has surprised you most about the work environment here? Have you learned anything valuable?
As a fan of organizing and extensive cleaning up, I have cleaned the storage room and alphabetized a few shelves in the office. Our display books needed some dusting. I would not have guessed that book dusting would be a part of my work here! This crowd has been incredibly warm and leaves me excited to enter the real world when my college days come to an end.

I have learned something about this office, perhaps about offices in general: a certain amount of tasks and projects will come my way. I can stick to those, have a mellow day and make good progress. I can also keep my ears and eyes open to things that could be done or improved and ask if I can be of help. This satisfying and a great way to get to know people!

Any books you’re looking forward to getting your hands on?
I spent all year reading original texts, mostly from the Greeks. All of the work at school is reading the originals and analyzing for myself. After a year of that, I am delighted to have someone else make connections for me. It is a great way to take a break and ramp back up for another year of classics and oldies. I love picking up one of our books, finding and reading the most interesting chapter, reshelving the book, and starting the process again. This gets me learning about a number of things very quickly.

What do you love most about working in NYC? Have you found a good smoothie spot yet?
I love the commute on most of my days. I was wiped out in my first few weeks. Now, I am trying to stay out and enjoy New York after work. I have taken it upon myself to seize all of the coffee opportunities around me.

I have been to quite a few shops, taking my coffee journal along to record descriptions of distinctive drinks and doing my best to articulate what my coffee tastes like. Easier said than done, describing coffee.

Tell us about your favorite summer vacation.
I hope to spend next summer in Antigua, Guatemala. Antigua coffee has, what I think, is a balanced flavor. Someone recently said that if he had to have one coffee for the rest of his life, it would be a Guatemalan. I agree! My love of the drink and the process originates in visiting beautiful Antigua, a city in Guatemala, and seeing where it all begins. I hope to set myself up in a Spanish school in the city, volunteer with From Houses to Homes (a sweet organization which I love dearly), live with a host family, and get to as many coffee farms as I can.

Meet our new intern, Connor!

Name and role at the Press: Connor Spencer, Social Media Marketing Intern

Major/minor/year at NYU: English and American Literature Major, minors in French and Gender and Sexuality Studies, Class of 2014

Any previous internships you’d like to note?: Prior to coming to NYU Press, I worked in the non-profit arena at The Door, a comprehensive youth development agency in downtown Manhattan. I worked in their college advising office, and mostly conducted tutoring and student outreach. I would venture to say that it was something of a formative experience for me, and I continue to work with NYU organizations in the fields of service and social advocacy. Civic engagement is really important to me—I want to feel as much a part of the city as I am a student within it!

Why did you decide to intern with NYU Press?: Once of the major draws of NYU for me was that its location would give me easy access to the publishing industry, justifying my questionable choice to pursue a humanities degree (kidding!). Research in my classes has led me to thumb through a number of university press texts, and some of my professors even utilized books that were published by NYU Press itself, so I guess you could say that academic publishing was always on my mind. I felt like this internship would be a great way to not only get my feet wet in publishing, but to also have the opportunity to work with a lot of tremendously cool books along the way. It’s basically a nerd’s paradise over here.

Subject area NYU Press publishes in that most interests youThis is a tricky one—everything looks so good! Whenever I edit the website or otherwise work with any of our books, I often find myself making a note to myself to check them out at a later date. Overall, though, I’d say I’m probably most interested in works in Cultural Studies, Queer Studies, and History, fields which, coincidentally, happen to frequently intersect with each other.

Any NYU Press books you’re looking forward to getting your hands on?: I’m sort of obsessed with the Cold War and the history of higher education, so I think that Marjorie Heins’s Priests of Our Democracy looks particularly fascinating. Given that the book is something of an intersection between these two subjects, I’m looking forward to giving it a read sometime! In terms of older releases, I’ve also wanted to read José Muñoz’s Cruising Utopia for a while now. The book caused some big waves in the queer studies community when it was published, and I see Muñoz’s name constantly appear in anything I read that was released since its publication. Coincidentally, Muñoz is also a professor at NYU, so it feels like he’s sort of an icon within the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis—everyone wants to talk about his work! It’s definitely on my “To Read” list for whenever I get a chance.

What’s your most preferred way of reading these days? Good ol’ book or fancy schmancy e-reader?: I’m old-fashioned and prefer physical books for the most part. My (somewhat alarming) tendencies as a hoarder aside, I like to write in my books and make notes in them and generally subject them to all kinds of abuse, which is an experience that I haven’t been able to replicate with e-books so far. Plus, paper smells good. Like, really good.

What are some of your hobbies?: Uh, this might be embarrassing, but I like to make zines. I’ve always appreciated the DIY aspects of punk culture, and I think that zines are pretty interesting as multimedia literary objects. Although I wouldn’t say that I’m part of any “scene,” there are definitely a few serial zines that I like and continue to support. I’m also a fan of video games, even if I usually don’t have time to play them. I mostly enjoy the retro stuff, but I’ve been hungrily eyeing Dark Souls since it was released. Hard games have a special place in my heart.

Meet the Interns: Carmen Germaine

Last, but certainly not least, in our intern spotlight series: Carmen in editorial shares her academic interests, love of NYC street culture, and a summer vacation spot that just might have New York beat…

  • Name and role at the Press: Carmen Germaine, Editorial Intern
  • Major/minor/year at NYU: Literature/Social Research major and Public Policy minor, Class of 2014 (at NYU Abu Dhabi)
  • Any previous internships you’d like to note?: I’ve been interning with an NYUAD professor, Prof Paulo Horta, on a work he’s compiling on Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient.
  • How did you hear about this internship and/or why did you decide to intern with NYU Press?: Professor Horta mentioned that he thought NYU Press might have an opening for a summer intern, and he gave my name to Eric and Ciara. [Ed.: Our editor-in-chief and assistant editor, respectively.] I was looking for an internship in the publishing industry here in New York, preferably in editorial, in either literary fiction or academic publishing, so this position seemed perfect. I’m not majoring in Social Research any more, and I finished my requirements for the concentration, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to keep in touch with some of the exciting things being published in the social sciences while also immersing myself in the publishing industry and exploring the editorial process.
  • Subject area NYU Press publishes in that most interests you: I don’t know if I could choose—they all seem really interesting! I’m probably most interested in Sociology, but as part of that I’d love to read more in Cultural Studies, Race and Ethnicity, and Women’s Studies.
  • Any Spring/Fall 2012 titles you’re looking forward to getting your hands on?: Lots of them! I’ve been missing my high school history classes, and I noticed that this Spring we’ve published two books about Napoleon—Under the Shadow of Napoleon by Michael A. Bonura and Forging Napoleon’s Grande Armee by Michael J. Hughes. I think either of them would satisfy my craving. There’s been a few pieces in the paper about Critical Race Theory, and I’d love to know more, so the second edition of Critical Race Theory by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefanic would be really useful. This Fall, we’re publishing Making Women’s Histories, by Pamela S. Nadell and Kate Haulman, which I think would be a great general introduction for me to the impact of women’s and gender history. And, I’m also excited that the Monthly Review Press is publishing Lettuce Wars by Bruce Neuburger. I took a class last semester on food and culture, and we looked briefly at various labor and economic issues related to food, so I would love to learn more.
  • Favorite thing about NYC (or, favorite New York moment): Right now I am really loving the street culture of New York. When the weather is nice, everyone is out and there’s so much you can do just by walking around—lots of little surprise festivals, tons and tons of street food (although that can be hit or miss!), and some really beautiful parks, to name a few things. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time just wandering the city.
  • Is this your first summer in the city? If yes, what are you looking forward to the most? If no, any must-do recommendations?: This will be my first full summer in the city, although I was here last summer for a week. I’m really looking forward to going to some flea markets, which I missed out on last year. As far as recommendations go, I think my favorite thing to visit so far is probably the Met. If you do go to the Met, I’d advise you to spend as much time as you can and just wander around, trying to get lost, and find your favorite spot. My favorite is definitely the period rooms.
  • Favorite summer vacation: My week in NYC last year was pretty great! I also went to Istanbul for a week and a half at the end of last semester, which was amazing and could definitely give New York a run for its money.
  • Anything else interesting you’d like to share?: I’ve been studying in Abu Dhabi for the past two years, and next year I’ll be abroad in Florence and Buenos Aires before returning to Abu Dhabi for my senior year.

Meet the Interns: Jiayi Ying

You didn’t think we didn’t have more interns to feature, did you? Good, because, we’ve got more of ’em coming up! Today, meet Jiayi from e-marketing.

  • Name and role at the Press: I’m Jiayi and I’m the e-marketing and social media intern, which, among other things, means that I get to tinker around the website, reach out to authors for blog posts, and brainstorm and research cool ways to get the word out online about upcoming NYU Press releases.
  • Major/minor/year at NYU: I’m a rising junior, majoring in economics with a Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology minor—which I decided to undertake after finishing both Friday Night Lights and Downton Abbey (while, mind you, keeping up with the nearly-dozen shows I follow) during a flu-stricken January 2012.
  • Any previous internships you’d like to note?: Aside from NYU Press, I have also been interning at Of a Kind, a fashion start-up that focuses on up-and-coming design talent, where I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with and write about some of the designers. Other than that, I’ve also done fieldwork in the fashion area—interning with a designer and helping with everything from show production to, well, whatever came my way.
  • How did you hear about this internship and/or why did you decide to intern with NYU Press?: I went to a marketing club event last semester and was a bit blindsided by how serious some of those marketing kids were (think, talking about their favorite brands and their recent campaign strategies as casual conversation topics). So, I guess in a bit of a competitive spirit, and wanting to learn through experience, I went on CareerNet and saw that NYU Press had an opening. I’ve always been interested in publishing and wanted to learn hands-on what a press did to get the word out about its books—and the position married those two interests perfectly. What I really liked, though, was that NYU Press wasn’t a ginormous press so that I could still actually be hands-on and work directly on projects.
  • What are you most excited about doing/learning during your summer with NYU Press?: I feel like I can’t fully answer that yet. In the short while that I’ve been here, I’ve done things and learned things that went beyond what I thought marketing entailed, so I’m going to hold off and see what other interesting things I’ll come across. I am, however, very excited about the author interviews we’ve got coming up, so…this isn’t a totally wasted answer!
  • Subject area NYU Press publishes in that most interests you: I’m willing to read anything as long as it promises to be interesting. Case in point: I’m itching to read The Notorious Elizabeth Tuttle—I mean, who doesn’t want to read about a madwoman?—when it comes out in October, although history books have generally had the effect of putting me to sleep.
  • Any Spring/Fall 2012 titles you’re looking forward to getting your hands on?: I got my hands on a copy of Single for research, and was really excited about that. Other than that, I’m also really looking forward to Authentic™ by Sarah Banet-Weiser. Outside of the NYU Press scope though—ever since taking a psych class a couple of years ago, I’ve been fascinated by how our brains and memories work, so Moonwalking with Einstein is also on my to-read list. And, although it’s not an upcoming release, Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me—for way too long, I’ve been trying to find a time to read it, so now that it’s summer and I’ve announced it to the world, I can’t really opt out anymore. Self-inflicted peer pressure.
  • Favorite thing about NYC (or, favorite New York moment): My favorite New York moments are when I’m en route to Grand Central, getting out of New York. Don’t get me wrong—I love New York and am in awe of it as much as the next tourist is, but it’s always nice to get out, and go on a long road trip where you barely see any traffic of any sort for hours. I don’t even have a driver’s license, so I’m always a lot more appreciative of how accessible the city is after coming back.
  • Summer-in-the-city survival tips?: Whenever a publication comes out with an “100 things to do in New York over the summer” list, I pore over it but never do a good job of actually remembering the date and getting out. So my recommendation would be to read those articles and actually noting the dates. But I will say that if you ever find yourself on the Staten Island ferry, the lower deck—all the way to the front, past the tourists, where the commuters take their bikes—is a must. If only because the last time I went on, the breeze was amazing, and I saw the cops chasing a boat that was going in front of the ferry all action movie-style—gun, or at least a large machinery that looked like one to me, and everything.
  • Favorite social network du jour?: Ever since Instagram for Android came out, it’s been on the top of my list. I’m not too active on any social network (says the social media intern…), but I do appreciate that Instagram lets me see what’s going on with my friends and the cool things they discover.
  • Favorite app you’re hooked on?: I didn’t have a smart phone for so long that even after owning one for almost a year now, I still went all dinosaur and said, “Wait, but I have no internet,” when one of my bosses said she’d sent the password for internet connection to my email. “But your phone does!” All that’s to say is that those years with a phone whose only function was call, text, and take pictures gave me pretty good self-control for when it comes to my phone these days, and I do not have an app (ok, besides Instagram…) that I’m obsessed with…currently.

Meet the Interns: Brittani Hilles

Another intern under fire! Today, meet Brittani from marketing. Happy Friday, y’all!

  • Name and role at the Press: Brittani Hilles, Marketing and Publicity Assistant
  • Major/minor/year at NYU: American and British Literature, 2014
  • Hobbies?: I’m a huge literature nerd! I also love to ride horses when I go back home to Colorado.
  • How did you hear about this internship and why did you decide to intern with NYU Press?: I really wanted to get into publishing and saw NYU Press on NYU CareerNet. The academic side of publishing is so interesting and offers  material that’s different from what I usually read.
  • What are you most excited about doing during your summer with NYU Press?: I love the marketing side of the Press, from research and planning to awards submissions.
  • Subject area NYU Press publishes in that most interests you: My favorite books are the ones dealing with law and history, but I really like anything that sounds fascinating.
  • Any books you’re looking forward to getting your hands on?: This fall I can’t wait to read The Notorious Elizabeth Tuttle from NYU PressI am also excited for Zadie Smith’s new book NW (Penguin Press, 2012).
  • Favorite thing about NYC (or, favorite New York moment): My favorite place in New York is Bryant Park, especially during Christmas time or summer. I love bringing a book there and reading while listening to the piano or watching classic movies there on Monday nights. During the school year, I like to study in the Public Library. It’s beyond beautiful! I’m also in love with St. Marks Bookshop. It’s open until midnight, and they have such a great collection of books!
  • Any advice for surviving summer in the city, or must-do recommendations?: There are so many great free concerts and movies around the city in the summer, I take advantage of those whenever possible. For a quick day trip, Rockaway Beach is awesome and the fish tacos there are fantastic. To stay cool, the Film Forum shows great older movies that are fun to attend!
  • Favorite summer vacation: The summer before my senior year of high school, I went with Stanford University to London to take a class in British Literature. I had such a fun time in London, but I prefer the energy in NYC!

Meet the Interns: Henry Willshire

Next up in our intern spotlight series is Henry, who is technically an extern in the marketing department. This means he’s pretty much an intern, without the NYU affiliation. In Henry’s case, no-NYU-affiliation means he’s a part-time summer transplant, and a newbie to the commuter crowd. Below, he tells us about his role at the Press and his favorite NYC moments so far.

  • Name and role at the Press: Henry Willshire, Marketing Extern
  • Major/minor/year in school: Undecided/Creative Writing, Ursinus College, Class of 2016
  • Hobbies?: Reading (fiction), writing (fiction), fencing (Epee), running (occasionally).
  • Why did you decide to extern with NYU Press?: My dad works in academic publishing, so when I decided I wanted to do an internship this summer I looked in that industry. It was appealing because it offered me a chance to go and work in the city. Not to mention, I get to be around books all day—particularly ones that are on interesting, specific topics that I’d like to learn more about.
  • What are you most excited about doing/learning during your summer with NYU Press?: Since I’m working in marketing, I’m most excited about learning the details of how publishers make their titles available and, well, how they market books. I know a little about how the author writes a book and gets it into the hands of an editor, who eventually passes it onto the publisher, but I want to learn more about how it goes from publisher to bookstore.
  • Subject area NYU Press publishes in that most interests you: I really like the Criminology and Psychology areas. I like reading both fictional and nonfictional detective stories, and try to figure out why people think and feel the way they do. Certain books in the History section appeal to me too, because there are all sorts of cool little histories that people keep discovering and rediscovering.
  • Favorite thing about NYC (or, favorite New York moment): In general, the fact that when you walk down a major street, you will see an example of nearly every type of person imaginable is pretty amazing. It sounds corny, but it really does go to show the fact that New York is the world’s melting pot. A specific New York moment was visiting Chinatown with some friends for Chinese New Year, and, due to a misunderstanding about the operating instructions, shooting an elderly woman with a confetti gun. (Apparently it’s pull, then twist. Who knew?)
  • Is this your first summer in the city? If yes, what are you looking forward to the most (events, activities, whatever)?: It’s my first summer coming in to New York every day. I’m looking forward to just being in the city, because of all the opportunities it presents. So far, I’ve gone to a cool burger place on its last day before closing, seen a guy loudly proclaim that “the end is in fact nigh!” and realized that there is literally a comic book shop next door to the office.
  • Favorite summer vacation: Going to Greece with my grandparents, and seeing Athens and all the ancient historical sites. It’s pretty cool to stand on the same stones that the original creators of democracy once stood on, with several thousand years of history setting you apart. And the beaches. Those are nice too…