Life beyond bars

October 4, 2016 nyupressblog 2

—Marieke Liem and Jan Banning
What happens after decades of confinement, including prolonged periods in solitary confinement? How do former prisoners fare after their release?

Bullying and school violence

September 30, 2016 nyupressblog 1

—Jessie Klein
What do we know about the 14-year old boy who shot his father, two children and a teacher on the South Carolina elementary school playground?

Two Presidents Are Better Than One

September 22, 2016 nyupressblog 0

—David Orentlicher
The “imperial presidency” and partisan conflict are largely the result of a deeper problem—the Constitution’s placement of a single president atop the executive branch. David Orentlicher describes how we can fix our broken political system by replacing the one person, one-party presidency with a two-person, two-party executive branch.

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