An interview with editor-translator Th. Emil Homerin

February 26, 2014 nyupressblog 0

Th. Emil Homerin, editor-translator of the recently-published The Principles of Sufism (NYU Press, 2014) has long been interested in the work of ‘A’ishah al-Ba’uniyyah, who is perhaps the most prolific and prominent woman who wrote in Arabic prior

Black History—or Histories—Month?

February 25, 2014 nyupressblog 2

—Andrea C. Abrams A few months ago, a student penned an article for my college’s newspaper on the proper appellation for people of African descent in the United States. He pointed out that there are

Black History Month, post-racial style

February 13, 2014 nyupressblog 1

—Catherine R. Squires I was pleased to be invited by NYU Press to blog about Black History Month, a celebration that some who believe we’re “post-racial” would say is unnecessary. When I was a kid,