Between the world and #Ferguson

August 28, 2014 nyupressblog 0

—Jelani Cobb [This article originally appeared in The New Yorker.] When I was eighteen, I stumbled across Richard Wright’s poem “Between the World and Me.” The poem, a retelling of a lynching, shook me, because while

Book giveaway: Books That Cook

August 13, 2014 nyupressblog 1

To celebrate the final days of summer, we are giving away two free copies of Books That Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal, the newest title in our Fall 2014 catalog.  Many of us

Q&A with Heather Laine Talley, author of Saving Face

August 5, 2014 nyupressblog 0

Heather Laine Talley is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Western Carolina University. Her new book, Saving Face: Disfigurement and the Politics of Appearance, examines the cultural meaning of interventions aimed at repairing faces defined as disfigured. In the interview