America’s Relationship with the Paranormal

October 28, 2017 nyupressblog 0

The 2014 Baylor Religion Survey revealed that 52% of Americans believe in the reality of at least one of six different paranormal subjects, which include alien visitations, UFOs, Big foot, mediumship, telekinesis, and hauntings. This means that statistically speaking, at least, we are living in a paranormal America.

What is it to be Multiracial?

October 25, 2017 nyupressblog 0

— Miri Song
As multiracial people and unions become increasingly common in highly diverse societies such as United States, Miri Song examines what it means to be multiracial.

Haunted Histories

October 25, 2017 nyupressblog 0

—Erika Gasser
Erika Gasser explores the infamous history of witchcraft in Salem and its connection to our ongoing preoccupations with potential abuse of power.

A Climate Change Denier’s Perfect Storm

October 16, 2017 nyupressblog 0

— Antony Alumkal
In the past few months, we have witnessed the devastation caused by climate change induced severe weather. Anthony Alumkal critiques the campaign of anti-environmentalism spearheaded by E. Calvin Beisner and his organization, the Cornwall Alliance, for it is one that the planet cannot afford.

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