Stephen Colbert: “I’m fat, you’re fat”

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The Obesity Epidemic – Amy Farrell
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Amy Farrell, contributor to The Fat Studies Reader and author of a forthcoming NYUP book called Fat Shame, took her message to the Colbert Report last night. Developing what she and the volume editors had started in separate appearances on the Brian Lehrer Show, she drove home the need to distance overweight from poor health, and described the myriad cultural and professional obstacles fat people face.

Stephen Colbert was his usual whip smart and hilarious self on the set, but also gracious and engaging backstage. (Also in the green room was The RZA, there to talk about his new book during the last segment, thus joining Amy and The RZA for video eternity!)

–Eric Zinner, Editor-in-Chief

P.S. A special shout out to Emily Lazar and Amy Schwartz of the Colbert Report for recognizing the importance of the issue and Amy’s talent, and making everything go so well while we were there.

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