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Back to School Reading: An eBook Special

As you get ready to head into another school year, check out a few of our favorite books in education. From the stories of students fighting education inequality, to the pressures placed on homeschooling mothers, to the decisions parents make about vaccines and the effects of those choices on their children’s classmates, everyone can learn something new from the books below. Now through the end of August, get each one as an eBook for just $1.99!

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Educating the Whole Child for the Whole World

Educating the Whole Child for the Whole World

The Ross School Model and Education for the Global Era

Edited by Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco and Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj

In this volume, world-renowned scholars from a variety of disciplines, as well as veteran teachers, administrators, and students, come together to examine some of the best practices in K-12 education in the context of an increasingly interconnected world. Together they explore how the Ross model of education, which cultivates in students a global perspective, aligns with broader trends in the arts, humanities, and sciences in the new millennium.

“When I visited the Long Island Ross School I was struck by the way Courtney Ross and her team successfully brought together the elements of an effective school: reflective teachers, innovative curriculum, and student-centered instruction. It is no wonder that the school has been a magnet for some of the most influential education thinkers of our time. In Educating the Whole Child for the Whole World, Suarez-Orozco and Sattin-Bajaj have created a multi-faceted meditation on the ever-evolving Ross model of education, with relevant lessons for educators everywhere.” —Kathleen McCartney, Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education


Youth Activism in an Era of Education Inequality

Youth Activism in an Era of Education Inequality

By Ben Kirshner

Winner, 2016 Best Authored Book presented by the Society for Research on Adolescence

What is youth activism and how does it contribute to youth development? How might collective movements of young people expand educational opportunity and participatory democracy? The interdependent relationship between youths’ political engagement, their personal development, and democratic renewal is the central focus of this book. Kirshner argues that youth and societal institutions are strengthened when young people, particularly those most disadvantaged by educational inequity, turn their critical gaze to education systems and participate in efforts to improve them.

“The book particularly examines ways in which fostering sociopolitical development in youth brings about societal change. This text delivers exactly what it is supposed to.” —Journal of Youth and Adolescence

“[M]any of the ideas are worth reiterating to a new generation of teachers and researchers. Educating youth to be active participants in social change and proactively engaging them in exploring and defining their own values are inherently valuable regardless of the era or the political climate.” —PsycCRITIQUES


Home Is Where the School IsHome Is Where the School Is

The Logic of Homeschooling and the Emotional Labor of Mothering

By Jennifer Lois

Mothers who homeschool their children constantly face judgmental questions about their choices, and yet the homeschooling movement continues to grow with an estimated 1.5 million American children now schooled at home. These children are largely taught by stay-at-home mothers who find that they must tightly manage their daily schedules to avoid burnout and maximize their relationships with their children, and that they must sustain a desire to sacrifice their independent selves for many years in order to savor the experience of motherhood. Home Is Where the School Is is the first comprehensive look into the lives of homeschooling mothers. Drawing on rich data collected through eight years of fieldwork and dozens of in-depth interviews, Jennifer Lois examines the intense effects of the emotional and temporal demands that homeschooling places on mothers’ lives, raising profound questions about the expectations of modern motherhood and the limits of parenting.

Home Is Where the School Is is a terrific read. Not only will it interest those in the fields of work and family and sociology of emotions, Lois writes good sociology for a public beyond the academy.” —Social Forces

“Theoretically rich and empirically fascinating.” —Sociology of Religion


The Public ProfessorThe Public Professor

How to Use Your Research to Change the World

By M. V. Lee Badgett

The work of academics can matter and be influential on a public level, but the path to becoming a public intellectual, influential policy advisor, valued community resource or go-to person on an issue is not one that most scholars are trained for. The Public Professor offers scholars ways to use their ideas, research and knowledge to change the world. The book gives practical strategies for scholars to become more engaged with the public on a variety of fronts: online, in print, at council hearings, even with national legislation.

“This relatively short book shows one way in which academics can justify our privileged position and enhance the quality of research and teaching in the process. The Public Professor should be required reading.” —Times Higher Education

“Badgett provides cogent advice and time-tested guidelines for scholars interested in expanding their research results beyond academia…an accessible and thought-provoking primer.” —Library Journal


Ending Zero ToleranceEnding Zero Tolerance

The Crisis of Absolute School Discipline

By Derek W. Black

Derek Black, a former attorney with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, weaves stories about individual students, lessons from social science, and the outcomes of courts cases to unearth a shockingly irrational system of punishment. While schools and legislatures have proven unable and unwilling to amend their failing policies, Ending Zero Tolerance argues for constitutional protections to check abuses in school discipline and lays out theories by which courts should re-engage to enforce students’ rights and support broader reforms.

“Black’s book is necessary reading for educators and those who work with youth, whether during classroom hours or in an after-school setting.” —Youth Today

“With the intent to address the toxic environment that zero tolerance perpetuates, Black outlines a convincing argument that the courts must step in to speed reform and ensure that all students are cared for equally.” —Library Journal


Calling the ShotsCalling the Shots

Why Parents Reject Vaccines

Edited by Jennifer A. Reich

For over a decade, Jennifer Reich has been studying the phenomenon of vaccine refusal from the perspectives of parents who distrust vaccines and the corporations that make them, as well as the health care providers and policy makers who see them as essential to ensuring community health. Reich reveals how parents who opt out of vaccinations see their decision: what they fear, what they hope to control, and what they believe is in their child’s best interest. Based on interviews with parents who fully reject vaccines as well as those who believe in “slow vax,” or altering the number of and time between vaccinations, the author provides a fascinating account of these parents’ points of view.

“Several recent books have delved into the history and science of vaccines and immunity, and the anxieties that accompany them. Jennifer Reich … brings meticulousness and sensitivity to this emotional issue. … It is Reich’s book that may prove the most convincing to anti-vaxxers.” —New York Review of Books

“Jennifer Reich’s new book, Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines, is an essential contribution to the story of vaccines in contemporary U.S. society that should make it impossible to tell such simple stories about vaccine resisters any longer. ” —American Journal of Sociology 

Click on any of the covers to find the eBook for your device available for order online for $1.99!*

*offer good through 8/31/2019

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