Katrina’s Lessons: Learned and Unlearned

September 1, 2015 nyupressblog 0

—Robert Verchick In the last few years, I’ve commemorated the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in a new way: by pedaling along the self-guided “Levee Disaster Bike Tour.” I begin beneath muscular oaks along New Orleans’

Remembering Katrina

August 25, 2015 nyupressblog 0

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. In reflection, we’d like to highlight a few recent books that explore the effects of the historic storm and its impact on the resilient city of New

Obama and the N-word

June 26, 2015 nyupressblog 1

—Andra Gillespie The president said the N-word, and it became a top news story. Now, it wasn’t the first time a president said the word — recordings exist in which Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon

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