Are Jews Too Sexy for the Censors?

September 28, 2015 nyupressblog 0

—Jodi Eichler-Levine Jewish authors are tremendously popular when it comes to banned-books lists. Judy Blume, Lesléa Newman, and Anne Frank are all represented on the American Library Association’s 100 Most Banned Books of 1990-1999 and

How email ruined my life

July 2, 2015 nyupressblog 0

—Catherine Zimmer I got my first email account the fall I started graduate school, in 1995. Even then I had an inkling of the pressures that would come to be associated with this miracle of

Obama and the N-word

June 26, 2015 nyupressblog 1

—Andra Gillespie The president said the N-word, and it became a top news story. Now, it wasn’t the first time a president said the word — recordings exist in which Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon

A Queer Father’s Day

June 19, 2015 nyupressblog 0

—Joshua Gamson Given that I’m one half of a two-dad duo, I should probably see Father’s Day as double the pleasure, double the fun. After all, Mother’s Day is a somewhat awkward time for us—more

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