Category: Economics

Chinese growth and happiness

—Peter N. Stearns Recent surveys on Chinese life satisfaction provide yet another indication of the fraught relationship between modern development and overall happiness. The New York Times report by Richard… READ MORE

Why Romney won the debate

—Robert Cherry As the debate unfolded, my worst fears came to the fore: Democrats never win if they posture themselves as more responsible deficit fighters than their Republican opponents; that… READ MORE

Romney-Ryan: Americans for inequality

—Robert Cherry Republican hopefuls, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, strongly believe that providing economic incentives for entrepreneurs is central to economic growth, so that government business regulations and taxes are… READ MORE

New Mothers Tax Relief Proposal

Economist Robert Cherry introduces us to his new tax policy proposal, the New Mothers Tax Relief (NMTR). The proposal was cited yesterday by Nancy Folbre on the New York Times blog, Economix, and recently published in the influential… READ MORE

The Precarious Employment Podcast

From KPFA’s Against the Grain: Download program audio (mp3, 41.02 Mbytes) The era of stable, secure, steady work with one employer is over. According to Andrew Ross, author of the… READ MORE

Bananas & Terrorism

Corporate Social Irresponsibility in Bananaland Marcelo Bucheli (author of Bananas and Business: The United Fruit Company in Colombia, 1899-2000. New York: New York University Press, 2005) After extended efforts to… READ MORE