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Dissent within the Academy!

Or in this case, Eagle Hill High School, a private co-educational college preparatory boarding school for students with learning disabilities. On Friday, April 3rd, Michael Avery, one of the nation’s… READ MORE

Michael Avery on WGBH

Michael Avery, author of We Dissent, talks about recent Supreme Court cases on WGBH’s Greater Boston with Emily Rooney.

The Pictograms of Migrants

Migrations and Mobilities: Citizenship, Borders, and Gender, edited by Judith Resnik and Seyla Benhabib, features a pictogram by the artist group kollektiv migrantas, made up of four migrant women, Irma,… READ MORE

Maids, Neo-Slavery and NGOs

By Aihwa Ong; from Migrations and Mobilities: Citizenship, Borders and Genders, edited by Seyla Benhabib and Judith Resnik. The underpaid, starved and battered foreign maid, while not the statistical norm,… READ MORE

The Dissenting Podcast

Michael Avery talks about dissenting with the Supreme Court on KERA’s Think.