Category: Literary Studies

Favorite Poem: Arnaldo Testi

Don’t ask me for words by Eugenio Montale (Genoa, 1896 – Milan, 1981; Nobel Prize for Literature, 1975) Don’t ask me for words that might define our formless soul, publish… READ MORE

Favorite Poem: Michael Bérubé

Byzantium by W. B. Yeats The unpurged images of day recede; The Emperor’s drunken soldiery are abed; Night resonance recedes, night-walkers’ song After great cathedral gong; A starlit or a… READ MORE

NYU Press Authors Pick Their Favorite Poems

In celebration of National Poetry Month, From the Square will feature NYU Press authors selecting and discussing their favorite poems. Come back every day for a new poem! Participating authors:… READ MORE

Paperback Little Rebels in PopMatters

Jeremy Estes put up an insightful review of Tales for Little Rebels at PopMatters. The paperback edition is brand new! The model the editors point to is the New England… READ MORE

Stanley Fish: The Post-PC University

In a NYTimes online op-ed, Stanley Fish compares Cary Nelson’s forthcoming No University is an Island with another study of political correctness at universities. He offers high praise for Nelson’s… READ MORE