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NYU Press author Derrick Bell dies at 80

“NYU Press mourns the passing of its valued author, former board member, and friend Derrick Bell. A bold and courageous teacher and visionary, Derrick devoted his long life to fighting… READ MORE

Celebrate Brooklyn!

You might view Brooklyn’s admiration of itself with bemusement, or rising irritation, or feel that the sentiment is entirely justified (as I do). A friend of mine recently referred to… READ MORE

NYU Press Leads New University Press E-Book Initiative

Two major university press e-book initiatives—Project MUSE Editions (PME) and the University Press e-book Consortium (UPeC)—have joined forces. The result of this merger—the University Press Content Consortium (UPCC)—will launch January… READ MORE

NYTimes: NYU Leading in Online “Peer” Review

The New York Times discusses the possibility of a shift from peer-reviewed journals to online crowd-sourced reviews in the context of several recent projects, including MediaCommons, which has been championed… READ MORE

Join NYU Press on Facebook

For a delicious amount of updates and easy access to the profiles of our brilliant authors, make friends with NYU Press on Facebook! Click here for our profile. And if… READ MORE