Forthcoming books available for review!

Calling all book reviewers & bloggers! We’ve got two new titles up on NetGalley and available for review. Check ’em out below…

Spreadable Media
Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture
Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford & Joshua Green
Publication date: February, 2013

“Spreadable Media 
challenges the popular notion that digital content magically goes ‘viral.’ This book brilliantly describes the dynamics that underpin people’s engagement with social media in ways that are both theoretically rich and publicly meaningful.”—danah boyd



Why Jury Duty Matters
A Citizen’s Guide to Constitutional Action
Andrew Guthrie Ferguson
Publication date: January, 2013 

“An investigation and celebration of what we so often rue: jury duty… This is a book that makes you feel good about a system that requires this type of participation, in which we must reflect with clarity on the guilt or innocence of an individual.”—Kirkus Reviews

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