Huffington Post Counts NYU Press as One of “15 Feisty Small Presses”

The Huffington Post considers NYU Press one of the “upstarts and rebels and truly ornery literary entrepreneurs” in their list of 15 Feisty Small Presses:

NYU Press consistently publishes scholarly yet accessible books. New releases include Margaret Nelson’s Parenting Out of Control (a sociologist exploring the excessively close parenting among today’s elite parents), Ali Mirsepassi’s Democracy in Modern Iran (understanding the future course of democracy in Islamic societies), Jonathan Hafetz and Mark Denbeax’s The Guantanamo Lawyers (Guantanamo as seen by the men and women fighting for the detainees’ civil rights), The Left at War (a devastating account of the American left during wartime, and at war with itself), and Cary Nelson’s No University Is an Island (a look at the forces undermining academic freedom).

Read the full article here.

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