Is Judaism sexy? Ask the Rabbi!

Reverent, Relevant, Rebellious Rabbi

Is Judaism sexy? Ask the rabbi—as long as the rabbi is Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, editor of The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism (New York Univ., June). The answer, she will tell you, is definitely “yes.”

That, at least, is the premise behind the book—that Judaism, with its 6,000-year history, has a lot to say about our most intimate relationships. And while Jews have plumbed their tradition for patterns of ethical behavior for thousands of years, The Passionate Torah charts new ways of looking at old wisdom.

“I think there is always a need to be reinterrogating and rethinking our assumptions about everything,” Ruttenberg, 34, says. “The way we keep [Judaism] relevant is by constantly examining it, turning it over and over. But we have to do the hard work of going deep down and asking the tough questions.”

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