Ladies Love the San Francisco Chronicle

Check out for the Chronicle’s review of Sapphistries: A Global History of Love Between Women by Leila J. Rupp.

In setting out to write a one-volume global history of love between women, Leila J. Rupp has taken on an ambitious project. One may say that it is as ambitious as love between women has proven to be audacious. The title of the book, “Sapphistries,” is itself a made-up word, signaling the very obscurity of its subject.

Still, Rupp succeeds in writing a fascinating and at times startling transnational history. When the evidence of love between women is fragmentary or speculative, she says so. The book is a synthesis of global feminist scholarship and historical fiction of the past 30 years, and Rupp’s 24-page bibliography is both a testament to the breadth of her research and a wonderful resource for readers.

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