Welcome to Law on Display! This book examines the explosion of digital pictures and multimedia in law and what it means for everyone interested in the legal system: judges, lawyers, jurors, and the general public. This website introduces you to the major topics we address in the book. It also provides color versions of the book’s illustrations and more. The pictures and buttons below are your points of entry. Just click to find videos, links, and other material related to each chapter, as well as short clips of the authors speaking.

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“This is a widely informed, wisely reasoned, accessible analysis of how, for good or for evil, digital visual technology is transforming the conduct of trials and the very meaning of truth in the courtroom. It is essential reading alike for litigators and for everyone concerned with the legal fall-out of our culture’s accelerating shift from verbal to multimedia communication and comprehension.”—Anthony G. Amsterdam, NYU School of Law

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