Our colleague and frequent collaborator, Professor Richard Sherwin of New York Law School, created and maintains the Visual Persuasion Project, the first website devoted to legal visual persuasion. You can find it at:

Litigation services companies whose work is included in the book:

Animation Technologies, Inc. (chapter 3) has now become CaseSight, Inc.:

BBP Media, LLC (chapter 5):

The Focal Point (chapter 3):

WIN Interactive, Inc. (chapters 3, 5):

Listen to the authors talking further about new media and legal visual persuasion at:

Sites exploring issues in visual perception in general:


How we create the motions we see:


“Visual Illusions: Their Causes, Characteristics and Applications”:

Visual illusions gallery:

Michael Bach illusions:


Interaction of color:

Color vision and art:

Problems for scientists arising from color: Bernice Rogowitz & Lloyd Treinish, “Why Should Engineers and Scientists Be Worried About Color?”

Change blindness: (not downloadable)