Library Journal Stars Holocaust Ghettos

Library Journal gave a starred review for the The Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos during the Holocaust, 2 Volume set

This comprehensive encyclopedia—researched and compiled under the auspices of the International Institute for Holocaust Research, Yad Vashem (The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes Remembrance Authority) in Jerusalem and edited by Miron (lecturer, Schechter Inst. of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem; editor in chief of Yad Vashem’s educational journal Bishvil Hazikaron)—contains close to 1100 entries on the ghettos established in Europe during the period of the Holocaust. Entries are in alphabetical order by the name by which each ghetto was known in the country where it was located (the excellent index and cross-references help those searching under alternative names). A wealth of maps, some hand drawn by residents or officials, and photographs help bring the living and working conditions in the ghettos to life, as does the 75-minute DVD. BOTTOM LINE In May 2009, the first volume of seven of the Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933–1945 was published by the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. That already massive work, with its signed articles, each with its own bibliography, may set a higher level of scholarship than this does, but the quality of the paper and illustrations here, as well as its more accessible organization and unquestionable scholarship, make it an invaluable reference tool for academic and large public libraries. Highly recommended.—Marcia Welsh, Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, NH

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