Meet the Interns: Emma Hawkins

Being an intern at NYU Press is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Not only do our interns play a significant role in every department, but they also have the chance to work in the heart of Manhattan. Most importantly, they get a (very) hands-on introduction to life in academic publishing! As part of our Meet the Interns series, here’s a chance to get to know a few of our members, and what they’re up to at the Press, with a Q&A.

Today: Meet Emma.

Name and role at the Press: Emma Hawkins, Accounts Payable Intern/Front Desk Receptionist

I went to NYU and just graduated in May. I double majored in English Literature and Art History.

I love to draw. And I devour art—illustration, design, contemporary art, fashion, film ad music. I also have a weird obsession with archaeology and ancient history.

How did you hear about the internship and why did you decide to intern with NYU Press? I was looking for a job through NYU for the summer. I really wanted to work in publishing because it sounded like a great combination of my interests. Luckily, NYU Press had an opening and I jumped at the chance to work here.

Any previous internships you’d like to note? What’s your dream internship? This was actually my first internship experience. I have worked a lot of customer service and retails jobs, which I have decided are not my dream jobs. It’s a little cheesy, but I have always dreamed of interning at the Metropolitan Museum. I think I would do just about anything for them to be in one of my favorite places everyday day and just getting to admire beautiful, old things.

Tell us about your experience thus far. What has surprised you most about the work environment here? Have you learned anything valuable? Or, what are you most excited about doing/learning during your summer with NYU Press? I think I was surprised how relaxed and friendly the environment is here at the press. Of course, I should have known it would be this way the moment I walked into the office for the first time to interview for my position and saw an a bunch of adorable dogs running around the office. That is my idea of a nice work environment. I have been really lucky in that I have had the opportunity to work in many NYU Press departments. It’s given me the opportunity to really get a handle on the process of getting a book published.

Subject area NYU Press publishes in that most interests you: I am definitely most interested in Cultural Studies, although I find myself increasingly intrigued by the Gender Studies titles that are being published.

Any books you’re looking forward to getting your hands on? (NYU Press or otherwise): Spectacular Girls by Sarah Projansky sounds fascinating. I have been meaning to read Single by Michael Cobb for ages, because he is opening up a whole new dialogue about what it means to be single. As for non-NYU press titles, I am dying to get my hands on anything by Chris Ware, particularly his first book Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth. His latest book, Building Stories, is a visually stunning, groundbreaking book that has inspired me to go further with my own drawings and illustrations. Not to mention the fact that it is one of the most poignant stories I have read in a while.

Is this your first summer in the city? If yes, what are you looking forward to the most (events, activities, whatever)? If no, any advice for survival, or must-do recommendations?  This is my second summer in the city. My advice: get an air conditioner because it means you will actually be able to sleep. Other than that, the summer is a great time to be in the city. I spent most of my first summer here on the Coney Island beach and in my neighborhood parks (Tompkins, Washington Square), and it was pretty wonderful.

What do you love most about working in NYC?  My days here are never dull. I am bound to end up seeing something strange walking around this strange city, which I absolutely love!

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