Meet the Interns: Ethan Ampel

This month, we’re giving our interns the spotlight. From editorial to production to marketing, these students are along every step of the way. And, over the next couple of weeks, they’ll tell us about their roles at NYU Press and clue us in on their favorite New York things. First up: Meet Ethan, a publicity assistant in the Marketing department.

  • Name and role at the Press: Ethan Ampel, Publicity Assistant
  • Major/minor/year at NYU: Dramatic Writing + Psychology, 2013
  • Hobbies?: Guitar, country music, screenwriting, reading
  • Any previous internships you’d like to note?: FilmBuff (Film curation and promotion)
  • How did you hear about this internship and why did you decide to intern with NYU Press?: I found it through NYU CareerNet, and went for it because it seemed like an interesting opportunity to work in another form of media besides film.
  • What are you most excited about doing during your summer with NYU Press?: Learning all the ins-and-outs (and nooks, and crannies) of publicity, PR, etc.
  • Subject area NYU Press publishes in that most interests you: Psychology, Sociology and LGBT Studies
  • Favorite thing about NYC (or, favorite New York moment): The random moments of magic, especially musical ones (seeing Lady Gaga at the Garden in February 2011—with Liza Minelli in attendance—was a highlight); watching Manhattan in Central Park (during summer 2010); finding any food you could possibly want.
  • Any advice for surviving summer in the city, or must-do recommendations?: Recommendations: Attend a movie in the park event. Visit MoMA, Coney Island, the High Line park, the Strand Bookstore, Chelsea Market, and vintage clothing shops; lounge in Washington Square park reading a book. Print out directions from Google maps of wherever you want to go. Do NOT make eye contact with a stranger on the subway, or pause in the middle of the sidewalk to stare at some architectural wonder (instead, maneuver to the side of a building before gazing/taking photos).
  • Favorite summer vacation: LGBT Community Center summer camp, August 2011.
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