Mental Health Awareness: An eBook Special

In recognition of World Mental Health Day on October 10, we’re sharing a selection of books that can help educate any reader about important topics in mental health. From examinations of mental health crises in the military and the criminal justice system, to an exploration of the experience of living with schizophrenia, each of these books offers a much needed assessment of the state of America’s mental health system. Now through the end of October, get each one as an eBook for just $1.99, and get informed about mental health.

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Signature Wounds

Signature Wounds

The Untold Story of the Military’s Mental Health Crisis

By David Kieran

This book shows how PTSD, TBI, and suicide became the signature wounds of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, how they prompted change within the Army itself, and how mental health became a factor in the debates about the impact of these conflicts on US culture.

“An impressive work on a vitally important, yet understudied topic that is both illuminating and compelling. For an American society still grappling with the multifaceted problems of endless war, this is an extraordinarily relevant book that deserves a wide readership.” —Gregory A. Daddis, Chapman University

“A challenge to conventional wisdom about the military ignoring PTSD, traumatic brain injury and suicide among troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. [Kieran] takes readers inside the medical arm of military services and civilian government bureaucracies showing how dedicated researchers and administrators trying to reach consensus about how to treat – and perhaps even prevent – serious mental damage and suicide…an intriguing study.” —Kirkus Reviews 


Living Outside Mental Illness

Living Outside Mental Illness

Qualitative Studies of Recovery in Schizophrenia

By Larry Davidson

Living Outside Mental Illness demonstrates the importance of listening to what people diagnosed with schizophrenia themselves have to say about their struggle, and shows the dramatic effect this approach can have on clinical practice and social policy. It presents an in-depth investigation, based on a phenomenological perspective, of experiences of illness and recovery as illuminated by compelling first-person descriptions.

“The book provides a window into the experiences of a person with schizophrenia . . . a rich narrative.” —The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

“I see this book as an important accomplishment. It contains numerous helpful suggestions about how to go about eliciting narratives as a means of encouraging patients along their recovery journey.” —Psychiatric Services


Healing the Broken MindHealing the Broken Mind

Transforming America’s Failed Mental Health System

By Timothy A. Kelly

Timothy A. Kelly, former Commissioner of Virginia’s Department of Mental Health, Retardation, and Substance Abuse, brings his three decades of experience as mental health commissioner, psychology professor, and clinician to bear in confronting the crisis in America’s mental health care system. In clear and accessible terms, he exposes the weaknesses in the current system, examining how and why one of the world’s richest and most advanced countries has allowed its most vulnerable citizens to be victimized by the very system designed to help them.

“An excellent look at mental health policy and services. Kelly tells us where we are and, more importantly, where we need to be to provide quality mental health services to both served and under served populations.” —Robert J. Resnick, Former President, American Psychological Association


Criminal Trials and Mental DisordersCriminal Trials and Mental Disorders

By Thomas L. Hafemeister

“This book is particularly relevant today when it is being increasingly acknowledged that mental disorders are pervasive and undertreated and are even more so within the criminal justice system … the book is a plea for a better understanding of mental disorders and their impact on behavior that offers extensive legal, clinical and philosophical insights. Though it is thorough and requires attentive reading it is non­technical and can be read by the educated lay reader. This book clearly shows how complicated a question the relationship between defendants with mental health disorders and the criminal justice system is, and thus can be a valuable resource for achieving a greater understanding of the key issues involved in cases that involve criminal defendants with mental disorders and their ability to receive a fair and just trial.” Metapsychology



Click on any of the covers to find the eBook for your device available for order online for $1.99*

*offer good through 10/31/2019

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