New Book Series! Families, Law, and Society

NYU Press is proud to announce a new book series that addresses the social, legal, and political challenges facing the modern family.

Families, Law, and Society will publish innovative work exploring the social, legal, and political issues that lie at the center of conversations about the family in modern life. The 21st-century family is in dramatic transition, with the roles, needs, and interrelationships of its members under intense scrutiny and flux. Debates over same sex versus heterosexual partnerships, cohabitation versus legal marriage, children conceived biologically versus by artificial reproductive technology are just a few of the indicators that today’s families are changing faster than the laws and policies that regulate them.

The series aims to address the wide range of issues that inform and influence family law in both the private realm (e.g., divorce, adoption, marriage) and public domain (e.g., welfare, child abuse, juvenile justice). While interdisciplinary research is encouraged, the series editor will strive to ensure that all books published in Families, Law, and Society consider the interrelationship between family and law, and critically examine the social and cultural changes in the lived realities of families and the relationship between families and the law.

Edited by one of the academy’s leading experts on family law, the series will serve as a platform for scholars publishing provocative and timely works in an all-important public policy arena that has thus far not garnered the attention it merits.

Series Editor: Nancy Dowd is the David Levin Chair in Family Law and Director of the Center on Children and Families at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. An active scholar in family law, feminist, and critical theory, she is the author of three books from NYU Press: In Defense of Single Parent Families, Redefining Fatherhood, and (with Michele Jacobs) Feminist Legal Theory: An Anti-Essentialist Reader. NYUP will publish her fourth book, The Man Question: Feminist Jurisprudence, Masculinities, and the Law, in the fall of 2010.

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