NYU Press Mourns the Passing of Dr. Paul Longmore

NYU Press is saddened by the passing of Dr. Paul Longmore, a pioneering scholar and advocate in the disability rights community. Dr. Longmore was the co-editor of an NYU Press book, The New Disability History, and editor of our History of Disability Series.

Here’s Dr. Longmore giving an inspiring and informative speech about the history of the Disability Rights Movement, and its most important goal, redefining what “disability” means.

Great leaders do not create great movements. Great movements give rise to great leaders. . . No movement can exist without in this case millions of ordinary men and women asserting themselves to demand dignity and their rights. So that’s what our movement is all about. That’s our past. That’s our present. That’s our future.

Here’s a very thorough round-up of tributes and memorials.

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