There’s Something About Hasia

February 23, 2009 nyupressblog 0

Hasia Diner is getting an extraordinary amount of pre-pub buzz for her forthcoming book, We Remember with Reverence and Love: , coming out in April from NYU Press From Kirkus (starred review): Diner hurls a

Is Graffiti Good for Soho?

February 18, 2009 nyupressblog 1

Just one of the many interesting points in the NYTimes City Room review of Graffiti Lives by Greg Snyder: A provocative map in the book points out that unlike other “quality of life” crimes, graffiti

Tales for Little Rebels on Book TV

February 12, 2009 nyupressblog 0

Editors Philip Nel and Julia Mickenberg talk about their collection of Radical Children’s Literature at Bluestockings Bookstore in NYC – and luckily C-SPAN was there to tape it.

Count Sperm Tonight at Bluestockings

February 12, 2009 nyupressblog 0

WSQ: Trans- at Bluestockings Thursday, Feb 12, 7pm Featuring Lisa Jean Moore, author of Sperm Counts: Overcome by Man’s Most Precious Fluid Join fiction, non-fiction, and poetry contributors as they share selections from Trans-, the

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