Spin on the Latino Middle Class

December 3, 2008 nyupressblog 0

Although we’re not in the habit of posting regular book reviews on this blog, the San Francisco Chronicle’s take on Arlene Davila’s Latino Spin is particularly insightful. Conservative pundits describe them as a growing mass

Everybody Loves Wendy

December 2, 2008 nyupressblog 0

A very nice story about one of our favorite NYU Press authors, Wendy Chapkis (Dying to Get High, 2008). I worked selling subscriptions at the San Francisco Symphony. My arts writer pay from the gay

Racial Hoaxes & Our Fears

December 1, 2008 nyupressblog 0

Katheryn Russell-Brown, author of The Color of Crime (2nd ed., NYU Press 2008), in an op-ed for the Orlando Sentinel, writes about the largely unnoticed trends in racial hoaxes among false crime reports in the

UN Names NYU Press Author a Global Expert

November 26, 2008 nyupressblog 0

The United Nations’ Rapid Response Media Mechanism (RRMM) project has named filmmaker, scholar, and Columbia professor Frances Negrón-Muntaner a Global Expert. Negrón-Muntaner is the author of Boricua Pop:Puerto Ricans and the Latinization of American Culture

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