Stephen Colbert’s Home Front

New this month in paperback from NYU Press is Labor’s Home Front: The American Federation of Labor during WWII by Andrew Kersten. In 2006, Prof. Kersten wrote a piece for… READ MORE

Maids, Neo-Slavery and NGOs

By Aihwa Ong; from Migrations and Mobilities: Citizenship, Borders and Genders, edited by Seyla Benhabib and Judith Resnik. The underpaid, starved and battered foreign maid, while not the statistical norm,… READ MORE

There’s Something About Hasia

Hasia Diner is getting an extraordinary amount of pre-pub buzz for her forthcoming book, We Remember with Reverence and Love: , coming out in April from NYU Press From Kirkus… READ MORE

Is Graffiti Good for Soho?

Just one of the many interesting points in the NYTimes City Room review of Graffiti Lives by Greg Snyder: A provocative map in the book points out that unlike other… READ MORE