Religion Says Fred

For all of you publishing geeks and religious study scholars out there, Publishers Weekly has an excellent group interview posted about academic publishers putting out books on religion in the current market. Our own Fred Nachbaur, Director of Marketing, contributes his two cents:

PW: How are students buying their books nowadays, and how has that affected your publishing and marketing strategies?

Nachbaur, NYU: Lots of sales are going through, which has instituted textbook programs that help publishers pinpoint their lead textbooks and get them exposed online. In the future we will see more and more students buying e-books and using services such as CafeScribe, with which NYU Press just signed an agreement. We plan on embedding many of our books for which we have e-rights with XML so that they can be converted into e-books and have a high level of search capability. We want to be ready for the future.

Some of our latest religion books include Society without God, Evangelicalism & Fundamentalism and The American Jesuits.

Also featured in the article: our blogging friends from Yale, UNC, California and Oxford.

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