Spring Staff Picks: Signifying Creator

Name and role at the Press:
Constance Grady, Editorial Assistant

It’s my firm belief that every English major who studied after Derrida and Lacan inflicted their theories on the world went one of two ways: they either came to despise semiotics with every fiber of their being, or else they became completely, nerdily fascinated by the whole concept. Guess which way I went?

The Signifying Creator is all about nontextual semiotics. (Depending on which kind of English major you were, the hair on the back of your neck just stood up either in dread or excitement.) Throw in some discussion of highly obscure ancient Jewish ways of meaning, and you have a completely fascinating account of how the People of the Book read the world outside of the Book.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

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