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Keeping Glenn Beck Segregated from History

Hasan Kwame Jeffries, author of Bloody Lowndes – released this month in paperback – responded to Glenn Beck’s “March on Washington” last weekend. This op-ed originally appeared in the Huffington… READ MORE

Where the Senate Majority Leader Went Wrong

Hasan Kwame Jeffries, author of Bloody Lowndes, discusses the Senate Majority Leader’s recently revealed racist remarks at Huffington Post. Over the weekend, another white guy stuck his foot in his… READ MORE

Rural Civil Rights Podcast

A podcast from WOSU’s Open Line, featuring the author of Bloody Lowndes. TUESDAY 7/710:00 AM – Civil Rights MovementWe’ll hear how African-Americans in a rural county in Alabama contributed to… READ MORE

BookTV and GRITtv

Some video for you to peruse, the first courtesy of GRITtv: Over the last couple of decades millions of Americans have dispensed with convention and embraced a non traditional work… READ MORE