Tag: Cultural Studies

The Left at War Gets it Right

Two new reviews of The Left at War by Michael Berube are now available: The American Prospect “Bérubé links progressives’ inability to control the conversation on national security during the… READ MORE

The Angry Coffee House Ghost

—Christopher D. Bader, F. Carson Mencken, Joseph Baker Nearly every building in historic downtown Jefferson, Texas, claims its own resident ghosts. The angriest of these ghosts purportedly haunt the Big… READ MORE

Colbert on Colbert

While I was at the Colbert Report, I gave him a copy of Satire TV. He flipped through it and noticeably perked up when he got to Geoffrey Baym’s essay,… READ MORE

The Risks and Rewards of High Heels

From a NYTimes roundtable on Why We Love the Shoes That Hurt Us, a piece by Jennifer Scanlon, author of The Gender and Consumer Culture Reader. The Risks, the Rewards… READ MORE