Tag: Women’s History Month

A call to men: Ending violence against women

—Silvia Domínguez During my research for Getting Ahead: Social Mobility, Public Housing and Immigrant Networks, I developed a framework that demonstrates how women get ahead through social networks and their own… READ MORE

“Untitled Feminism”

—Juana María Rodríguez In their 2013 video, performance artists Amber Hawk Swanson and Xandra Ibarra (aka La Chica Boom) capture feminism’s ambivalent and decidedly vexed relationship to sexual politics. Their… READ MORE

Making America Christian: A forgotten HERstory

—Priscilla Pope-Levison Visit dusty archives around the country, even into Canada, and you’ll discover a slew of sermons, diaries, papers, and autobiographies of women evangelists, whose profound impact on American… READ MORE

Another kind of women’s work

—Melissa R. Klapper The current media fascination with women and power, sparked by elaborate controversies over Yahoo executive Marissa Mayer and Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, might seem both disappointing and… READ MORE