Unicorns, Economics, and Tiger Woods: It’s a Cultural Studies Free-For-All!

In November, we have the privilege of publishing Michael Berube’s next great work of cultural studies, The Left at War. However, Michael couldn’t help himself from getting in the ring early; his essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education, “What’s the Matter with Cultural Studies?“, has caused quite a stir amongst the bloggers of the world.

We’ve got:

What’s the Matter with Michael, a sassy response by Ira Livingston, Chair of Humanities and Media Studies, Pratt Institute; you can read Michael’s response to him in the comments section.

We also have Michael’s own blog, where he responds to a critique of his essay by the students of the UC Davis Cultural Studies Department.

And in case that’s not enough, Michael discusses the feminist angles in his book on the blog Frameshift.

Phew! A cultural studies debate, it seems, is not merely academic.

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