Women's History Month

Women Empowered: An eBook Special

This Women’s History Month, we’re reflecting on powerful women who have shaped American history, while also looking ahead to a new generation of women forging new paths for themselves and others. From the lives of our original First Ladies, to the writings of Mary Daly, to an exploration of millennial feminism, find inspiration in these fascinating books—through the end of March, get each one as an eBook for just $1.99!

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First Ladies of the RepublicFirst Ladies of the Republic

Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, and the Creation of an Iconic American Role

by Jeanne E. Abrams

“Accessible and entertaining, First Ladies of the Republic offers readers a refreshing and often perceptive view of its subjects. Abrams is thoroughly versed in the voluminous literature on women’s and gender history, employing her understanding of that literature to good advantage…this is a compelling effort, and one that historians and the general public will profit from reading.” American Historical Review

“Abrams provides a much-needed new approach to understanding the significance of the position that Martha Washington (1731-1802), Abigail Adams (1744-1818), and Madison once occupied. [She] gives life to Martha, Abigail, and Dolley, illuminating the importance of their position to American history…compelling storytelling.” —STARRED Library Journal

Women in Early AmericaWomen in Early America

Edited by Thomas A. Foster

Women in Early America, an ambitious series of eleven essays edited by Thomas A. Foster, offers a more compelling version of early America and its heroines. The collection attends to two lacunae at once by focusing on women, a group whose presence in the records is often hard to come by, to unearth overlooked and understudied figures only touched on in earlier research (if at all).” Alana Shilling-Janoff, Times Literary Supplement

“A first-rate collection—vivid, varied, and provocative—that expands our view of early America. The expert essays interrogate sources, challenge assumptions, reconstruct mindsets, and vault over boundaries of nation, region, status, and culture.” Nancy Woloch, Barnard College

Pregnancy and Power, Revised EditionPregnancy and Power, Revised Edition

A History of Reproductive Politics in the United States

by Rickie Solinger

“This succinct, highly readable political and cultural history of a wide range of reproductive issues is a near-perfect primer on the topic.” —Publishers Weekly

“Offers a thoughtful, lucid overview of reproductive issues throughout US history—an extremely valuable contribution that should be widely read.” —Linda Gordon, author of The Moral Property of Women

“Readers will find within this book a deeply researched and fine analysis of reproductive politics spanning 250 years. It definitely should be of interest to legal scholars and law students and also to political and social historians.” —The American Journal of Legal History

Feminist AccountabilityFeminist Accountability

Disrupting Violence and Transforming Power

by Ann Russo

Explores accountability as a framework for building movements to transform systemic oppression and violence

“Grounded in over thirty years of Russo’s anti-racist, feminist, and queer anti-violence activism, there are few books that explore the possibilities of building a more just and liberatory feminism with such astute political vision, compassion, and concrete detail. Feminist Accountability has the potential to generate an important shift in feminist politics towards an ethics of community accountability and transformative justice. I am tremendously moved and inspired by this book.” Christine Keating, co-editor of LGBTQ Politics: A Critical Reader

The Future of Tech Is FemaleThe Future of Tech Is Female

How to Achieve Gender Diversity

by Douglas M. Branson

“Branson brilliantly tackles the pervasive and age-old problem of gender inequality in the previously unexplored sector of tech. He does more than just identify whats wrong. He also offers a comprehensive critique of old and new solutions and strategies, identifying those likely to positively impact the trajectory of this sector to make it one in which women thrive.” —Hannah Brenner, California Western School of Law

“Branson’s expertise as a teacher as well as a legal scholar makes this thorough analysis accessible and meaningful to professionals at all levels—he combines meticulous research and thorough documentation in a very readable, thought-provoking narrative.” —CHOICE

The Mary Daly ReaderThe Mary Daly Reader

by Mary Daly

Edited by Jennifer Rycenga and Linda Barufaldi

“She was a great trained philosopher, theologian, and poet, and she used all of those tools to demolish patriarchy—or any idea that domination is natural—in its most defended place, which is religion.” —Gloria Steinem, Boston Globe

“In sum, this anthology is an intellectual gift to feminists everywhere. It reminds us to be fearlessly feminist, to uphold our diverse feminist intellectual traditions, and to collaborate with each other in ways that encourage feminist resistance to the technocratic, necrophilic, and neo-fascist threats, laws, and practice harming those performing as women.” —Reading Religion

Finding FeminismFinding Feminism

Millennial Activists and the Unfinished Gender Revolution

by Alison Dahl Crossley

“Starting with a brief look at some of the facets that make up modern feminism, the book delves into what feminism is to millenials…[A]n enjoyable read.” Foreword Reviews

“Welcome to waveless feminism! As Crossley’s study of campus feminism suggests, the river is a better metaphor for how womens movement activism shifts course and encounters turbulence as it moves through historically changing contexts. This book provides examples of innovation and organization that in a rapidly changed political scene will remain timely and helpful.” Myra Marx Ferree, author of Varieties of Feminism: German Gender Politics in Global Perspective

Graffiti GrrlzGraffiti Grrlz

Performing Feminism in the Hip Hop Diaspora

by Jessica Nydia Pabón-Colón

“There hasn’t been any significant interrogation into the gender politics of the art form or culture [of graffiti] until now. Jessica Nydia Pabón-Colón has presented her work in Graffiti Grrlz in a way that is thoughtful and thorough as she asks important questions about how women navigate the world of graffiti. Anyone with an interest in the art form and the culture should do themselves a favor and read this book.” —Scratched Vinyl

“In her groundbreaking book, Pabón-Colón explores how the graffiti subculture has been coded as male. . . Her dedication to detail and thoroughly researching is evident throughout the book. She explores over 100 women artists in 23 countries and makes a compelling case that graffiti subculture is a place where feminists come into their own.” —Bitch Magazine

Stories from Trailblazing Women LawyersStories from Trailblazing Women Lawyers

Lives in the Law

by Jill Norgren

“I cannot even begin to do justice to these stories, so I recommend it as reading for everyone. I have always considered Ruth Bader Ginsburg an inspiration, but now I know the names and stories of other trailblazers to admire: Ruth Abrams, Joanne Garvey, Constance Harvey, Herma Hill Kay, Shirley Hufstedler, Belva Lockwood, Janet Reno, Catherine Roraback, Norma Shapiro, Ada Shen-Jaffe, and so many more… Stories from Trailblazing Women Lawyers is not just the story of what women went through to attain their current place in the law, but an empowerment to keep the fight for equality going strong. This book is highly recommended for law school libraries.” —Law Library Journal

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