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2011 Holiday Book Sale!

More New York Stories The Best of the City Section of the New York Times Constance Rosenblum, ed. $18.95 | $13.26 Tales for Little Rebels A Collection of Radical Children’s… READ MORE

University Press Ebook Consortium Moves Forward

The team of directors spearheading a university press-branded consortium to sell collections of ebooks to academic libraries—Steve Maikowski, New York University Press; Eric Halpern, University of Pennsylvania Press; Alex Holzman,… READ MORE

Buy NYU Press Books on Scribd

Now, you can buy all of NYU Press’s newest titles at, where you can read them anywhere you have an internet connection, on any computer. And they’re cheaper than… READ MORE

Confessions of an NYU Press Intern

Hello. My name is Eric Brach, and I’m an NYU Press intern. Now, before you get all excited – before you start google-stalking me, offering me your facebook friendship, or… READ MORE