Guantanamo Lawyers on C-Span

January 8, 2010 nyupressblog 0

At Sunday at 7am and 6:30pm ET, tune into C-Span to see a panel discussion with editors and contributors from The Guantanamo Lawyers: Inside a Prison Outside the Law. The discussion took place at the

Glenn Danzig Reads Our Book

November 17, 2009 nyupressblog 0

Here’s a YouTube clip of Glenn Danzig, lead singer of legendary punk band The Misfits, looking through his rather intense personal library. at 0:45 in, he takes a look at The Occult Roots of Nazism

Stephen Colbert: “I’m fat, you’re fat”

October 15, 2009 nyupressblog 0

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c The Obesity Epidemic – Amy Farrell Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Michael Moore Amy Farrell, contributor to The Fat Studies Reader and author of

Podcast Wednesday

August 5, 2009 nyupressblog 0

For your listening pleasure: Babysitter: An American History author Miriam Brunell on WHYY Philadelphia. Terrence McNally talks to Convergence Culture author Henry Jenkins. Brian Lehrer dives into Fat Studies. PRI discusses The Guantanamo Lawyers with

Rural Civil Rights Podcast

July 10, 2009 nyupressblog 0

A podcast from WOSU’s Open Line, featuring the author of Bloody Lowndes. TUESDAY 7/710:00 AM – Civil Rights MovementWe’ll hear how African-Americans in a rural county in Alabama contributed to the larger civil rights movement,

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