There’s Something About Hasia

Hasia Diner is getting an extraordinary amount of pre-pub buzz for her forthcoming book, We Remember with Reverence and Love: , coming out in April from NYU Press

From Kirkus (starred review):
Diner hurls a passionate, well-delineated attack on the conventional view that postwar Jews and survivors wanted to forget the Holocaust rather than memorialize the tragedy. . . . A work of towering research and conviction that will surely enliven academic debates for years to come.

From Library Journal:
[R]efutes the conventional wisdom that the American Jewish community ignored, or actively resisted, discussing the Holocaust until the 1960s. [Diner] makes a convincing case that in the post-1945 era American Jews, through their communal and religious institutions, assiduously grappled with the question of how to understand and commemorate the Holocaust, speaking of the destruction of European Jewry in Yom Kippur liturgy, history books, and public ceremonies ,and mobilizing its memory to promote causes such as civil rights and support for Israel. An important contribution to American Jewish historiography, this book is recommended for all libraries.

This will be an important book. Click here to pre-order your copy now.

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