Rocking Out to Single

—Jiayi Ying

My first day on the job at NYU Press, I had two emails waiting for me. One was to get my ID approved for building access, the second was an assignment to brainstorm and research creative ways to get the word out for an upcoming release called Single: Arguments for the Uncoupled. Getting right down to work, I thought—I liked it. After finally willing away my first day jitters, what really got me excited about the project was the fact that one, it dealt with—argued for, in fact—being single, and two, it promised to dissect Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” to make its case. (I don’t know about you but, aside from that Australian fly being named after her a couple of years ago, I hardly think of academic books and Beyoncé in the same train of thought.)

So to say I was excited is an understatement—I was really excited. And, after finally finishing the book, I found myself with a list of songs, TV shows, movies, and books that Michael Cobb had discussed in those 239 pages. Something needed to be done with them, so my lovely supervisor, Jodi, and I compiled a playlist of the songs. For good measure, we asked everyone around the office for their recommendations (because the best things in life are shared, you guys). The result is this mix below, courtesy of Single, and NYU Press’s marketing and sales departments. Enjoy!

[You can also listen here.]

Jiayi Ying is Online Marketing and Social Media Intern at NYU Press. Be sure to look out for her forthcoming profile in our Meet the Interns series on this blog.

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