A Climate Change Denier’s Perfect Storm

October 16, 2017 nyupressblog 0

— Antony Alumkal
In the past few months, we have witnessed the devastation caused by climate change induced severe weather. Anthony Alumkal critiques the campaign of anti-environmentalism spearheaded by E. Calvin Beisner and his organization, the Cornwall Alliance, for it is one that the planet cannot afford.

From the March for Science to an Abolitionist Science

April 20, 2017 nyupressblog 1

—Britt Rusert
An abolitionist science moves beyond generic defenses of science in an age of populist skepticism and backlash, requiring an evaluation of different types of science and an excavation of their specific relationships to forms of power and exploitation.

Don’t Bring a Test Tube to a Gun Fight

April 19, 2017 nyupressblog 0

—Antony Alumkal
The March for Science is a response to politically motivated efforts to undermine scientific research and ignore scientific evidence when crafting public policy. Science is under increasingly heavy political fire, and the March for Science indicates that scientists plan to fire back.

Available, Accessible, Usable

March 28, 2017 nyupressblog 0

—Elizabeth Ellcessor
Creating accessible spaces, technologies, and content often entails augmenting, altering, or otherwise working around the assumption that all users will have a “normal” able body.

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